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About BeachSports

Established in 1995, BeachSports offers kids beach camps & Skateboard programs designed for girls and boys ages 4-15.  Our program structure was designed by lifeguards and local elementary and middle school teachers to be inclusive, fun, educational and, most importantly, safe for all of our campers.  Our camps are offered in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Corona del Mar and Newport Beach and each location offers a few different program options to choose from, including Beach Camp, Surf Camp, Volleyball Camp, and our Intro to Jr. Lifeguards Program.  The curriculum for each program has been thoughtfully and strategically designed to accommodate campers of different ages, abilities and comfort levels and is implemented by CPR & First-Aid certified coaches.

Our Programs


Starting at age 4, our beach camp is designed for our younger campers and those who want to experience a variety of beach activities, rather than focusing on just one.  Our Beach Camp maintains an instructor to camper ratio of 1:6 and campers are divided into groups based on age with an instructor assigned to each age group.  Beach Camp is the perfect program for those new to the beach and those looking for an introductory experience in a variety of beach and ocean activities.  Many of our campers start in Beach Camp then join either our Surf Camp, Volleyball Camp or Jr. Lifeguard program once they’ve discovered a favorite activity.

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Learn to surf or take your surfing to the next level!  Our Surf Camps are open to boys and girls, with or without surfing experience, from age 8 to 15.  Surf instruction and ocean safety are the focus of our Surf Camps, but campers also enjoy boogie boarding, body surfing, team building beach games, surf fitness and much more.  Surf Camps are offered at our Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach locations.  We offer an instructor to surfer ratio of 1:6 and all of our instructors are first-aid and CPR certified.  Safety is our number one priority so all water time takes place next to a Lifeguard tower, which is staffed for the duration of our camp by a County Lifeguard.  Strict ocean safety and sunscreen rules will be followed.

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Ocean safety and awareness is a necessity for the youth of our beach communities.  Our Intro to Junior Lifeguards program is designed to educate and train participants the skills necessary to safely and confidently enter our oceans.  Unlike other Junior Lifeguard programs, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and fun environment with low instructor to participant ratios and small class sizes.  Although the lifeguard skills are being learned, there is not the competition intensity other programs strive for.  Our instructors are all experienced watermen and women with certifications in both CPR and First-Aid.  In addition to Jr. Lifeguard training skills, instruction will also include beach and ocean safety, swimming, surfing, body boarding, body surfing, and beach games. Our Junior Lifeguard Programs are available at our Manhattan & Redondo Beach locations and offer a variety of scheduling options.

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Our Volleyball camp provides beginner to intermediate training in passing, hitting, serving, blocking, rotation and rules of the game.  No previous volleyball experience is required.  Participants are broken into groups based on age and experience with a 8 to 1 Camper to Coach ratio.  Our instructors are experienced volleyball players and teachers and are certified in both CPR and First-Aid. Our Volleyball camps are offered at our CdM, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach locations.  Half and Full day camps are available.  All campers receive a Body Glove rashguard and Spalding Beach Volleyball on their first day of camp.

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Our Team

Kenny Harrison
Director of Operations – Manhattan Beach
Kenny has been part of the BeachSports Team since 1997.  After graduating from Mira Costa High School, he earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Californa – where he competed on the USC Surf Team – and completed his K-12 CA teaching credential for music at Cal State Dominguez Hills.  In addition to creating award-winning music programs at Rolling Hills Country Day, Hermosa Valley, American Martys, Miraleste Intermediate, and Turning Point schools, Kenny also co-owned and operated the Young Musicians Performance Academy – the premier school of jazz in the South Bay – for over a decade.  He currently instructs over 450 music students at Hermosa View and Hermosa Valley Schools as HBCSD’s new music teacher!  Kenny loves working at BeachSports in the summers, and his favorite BeachSports activity is surfing with new and returning campers.  When he’s not at the beach, you are likely to find him at music venues in and around the South Bay playing his trumpet with funk, rock, and reggae bands!

Jenn Partenheimer
Director of Operations & Head Coach, Redondo Beach
2017 will be Coach Jenn’s first year with BeachSports and we couldn’t be more stoked to have her on our team!  Jenn graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2012 with a Kinesiology degree.  After graduating, she went on to coach women’s soccer and teach health and physical education at St. David’s School in Raleigh from 2012-2016.   She is originally from Apex, North Carolina and is looking forward to her first summer with BeachSports.  She has been leading sports camps for the last five summers at her former school in Raleigh and looks forward to sharing her experience with us.  She has developed a passion for creating positive experiences for those around her and loves working with children of all ages.

Liz Vick
Head Coach, Beach Camp
2017 will be Coach Liz’s second summer with BeachSports and we’re stoked to have her back, as we’re sure you’ll be too!  Raised in Redondo Beach, Coach Liz was able to lead a very active lifestyle. Camping trips, Beach days and Soccer tournaments were what she was built on! Experience wise, Coach Liz has worked on both the academic and physical activity side of childcare. She is currently working towards her BA in Early Childhood Development. Working as a Ski and Snowboard Instructor at the Big Bear Mountain Resorts gave her hands on knowledge on how to engage and supervise children in a high stimulating, outdoor environment.

Matt Zebrowski
Director of Operations – Orange County
Matt started with BeachSports as a camper and joined our team as a BeachSports Coach in 2006.  He earned an undergraduate degree from the California State University Long Beach where he completed his degree in Biology.  In addition, went on to receive his EMT license as well as RN degree and license.  He currently works in the Emergency Department at Hoag hospital as a nurse (RN).  Matt loves working at BeachSports in the summers and has held almost every position at BeachSports, including JG’s, Beach Camp, Surf Camp and Volleyball Camp.  When he’s not at the beach with BeachSports, you are likely to find him right back on the beach.


I wanted to send you a note to tell you how wonderful the MB surf camp is!!  Heath (youngest son) has been at the camp for 6-8weeks and our older son Enzo for 2-3weeks.  Kudos to Frank and his coaches for doing an amazing job, not just for 1 week but every week!  They are extremely professional during drop/pick up, yet laid back,  which makes the kids feel comfortable and excited, while the parents know there kids are being well looked after and safe.  Every day my boys have come home from surf camp with smiles and stories of pure joy.  The coaches are great with beginner surfers and experienced surfers.  As a surfer, I really like the structure of the camp, it educates the kids that surfing is a sport with some mixed in fun out of water games as needed of course.  Frank and team helped Heath whom had lost his mojo for surfing, excited and choosing surf camp over skateboard camp (another love of his).  As well, gave Enzo the tools and confidence to take bigger drops, start making turns and try new boards.

One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, our family went surfing, the waves were average size with a few outside sets.  First, Heath carried his long soft top board from 26th street to marine without a peep of whining.  Then he proficiently jumped in the water and paddled out to the lineup, turtling his board to get through the waves.  He then did a sitting spin turning his board around and caught a wave at the beginning of the wave breaking, stood up with his board angled down the line.  The wave was over his head!!!   The morning continued in this fashion with our 2 sons having the time of their lives, bantering back and forth of whom got the longest, the best, the best wipe out etc.  It was a special morning my husband and I won’t forget.  The Heath whom had lost his mojo would have stopped his morning at carrying his board….

A sincere thanks to Frank and coaches for running an awesome camp teaching our boys how to surf /improve their surfing skills, while they are having the time of their lives!

Tanya R, Parent
They are loving it!!  I have to tell you that i’ve seen a lot of camps, mostly while lifeguarding, and your guys that run the skate camp are really amazing with the kids – I’m super impressed.
Heidi, LA County Lifeguard/Parent
The kids had a blast last week at the beach camp!  The staff is very helpful and welcoming. They handled the roll sheet issue courteously and with no confusion. You have a terrific program!  Thank you for providing this opportunity for our kids. We are deeply grateful.
Rolando, Parent


My son Will, attended your RHE skate camp last week.  He had a blast!  Thanks so much for putting on a great camp.  So far, it has been his favorite of all time.
Irene, Parent
My son Taylor Silvas loved this week’s skateboard camp A LOT!  He said “it changed my life” :0).
Toni, Parent
My boys have loved beach camp. Counselor’s are great, energetic, nice, inclusive, and fun. We’ve been going for 3 years now and will for at least another few. Staff is easy to work with and laid back which works for me! Megan Bowen is a family fav.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy it week of Aug 18 as well.
Robin, Parent


Shannon’s 17th Bday was yesterday. I came across this picture of her first year @ beach camp 13 1/2 yrs ago. She was almost 4 in this picture. She went from camper to volunteer to employee. Thank you for giving her such a great opportunity & years of fun & memories.
Marcia, Parent


Adela and Petra have been so excited they didn’t sleep!  This has been the best 3 weeks!  Thanks again for a great camp.  I haven’t purchased more weeks yet, but they might be back later this summer.  If not, see you next year!!!
Kathy, Parent
My kids are loving this camp!  I may sign up next week too!
Shannon, Parent
Thank you for the fun week of surfing.  The trip to San Onofre was so much fun. I wish we had some waves in Switzerland. I will see you guys next summer
Dana, Camper


He just LOVES it (Skate Camp) and Coach Derek and Coach Chris! He had a blast this week! Can’t thank you enough!!!
Stacey, Parent
The camp instructors have been great, Ken in MB and Goose in RB!  Thank you for being so accommodating!
Bobby, Parent